Rope access training night

We ran another of our Rope Access practice nights at our North Melbourne venue last night.

Whilst there was only a small number a participants turn up, they all had a great time running through all manner of techniques to keep themselves up to date. Lots of aid climbing was completed, a couple of rescues and even some loop traverses!

Our free practice nights are run each month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday, so if you are interested in practicing some rope access techniques that you may not have used in a while, head on in and say hi!

We do ask people to bring there own helmets, but we have plenty of gear for everyone to play around on.

You can even try out some equipment that you may have seen out in the workplace, but haven’t had the chance to use. We regularly put new equipment into our training department for people to use and train on.

The next night will be running on the 18th of August, starting around 5:30pm.