Rope Access Technologies – 4035T

Rope Access Training, Consulting and Sales

Rope Access Technologies (RAT) is the previous training arm of Direct Access Services.

All of our IRATA training courses are run under the IRATA guidelines, and are instructors with broad industry experience.

As the rope access industry continues to grow, delivering up to date training on the latest techniques and equipment is now more important than ever. Industrial rope access is now considered a safe, efficient and cost effective way to perform many tasks on both commercial buildings and structures, as well as many heavy industry plants and facilities.

DCP01402 Thylacine gas platform

With at least two training courses running each month, we are sure to have a course to fit your timetable.

Please note that our calendar represents the current scheduled courses. We are able to run extra courses in between the listed courses, as well as out of hours to suit business needs.
We are always more than happy to run extra courses if required. If you would like to discuss arranging a course, please contact our training manager on 0407 260 158